Monday, November 24, 2008

Wasn't so bad

My second first time singing in choir wasn't so bad. Saturday night was a little scary. You see my mic partner who shall remain nameless(she's also my sister in law and has the initials SSS) decided to ditch me. I know! Can you believe it? I was petrified to have to stand there and hold the mic by myself. We were practicing before service started and Doug noticed that three people next to me were sharing and I was holding my own so he moved one of them with me. Thank you Lord! I'm sure I was as stiff as a board but I did it. And that's what I wanted to do. I did both services Sunday, feeling much more comfortable having my beloved SSS with me, and I still may have looked stiff but I wasn't really nervous. I had a few butterflies but nothing that would've kept me away. Now I focus on Christmas music. And can I just say that I love what we are doing. I was organizing my scrapbook room last night and listened to the CD about eight times. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Rob started a project last night. We have talked about putting in a fire pit for a long time and he finally decided that we would put it on the side of the house by our covered barbecue patio. It was freezing out last night but he decided that right then he was going to start it. He outlined where he wanted it and started digging. He even had his first fire in it. There is a long way to go till that side is the way we want it but, in the meantime, the kids had fun roasting marshmallows over a dirt fire pit on a cold fall night. Me? I was in the house where it was warm. I went out to take a few before pictures and scurried my booty back inside. I'm no fool. Rob also finished our Christmas lights. I know it's early but it sure beats putting them up when it's 20 degrees and windy, which is what usually happens.

I went to Costco on Friday and picked up a few Christmas and birthday gifts. I got Em some rain boots for her birthday that are adorable. She is gonna love them. I also got her a Christmas dress. They are so hard to resist.

One last this bag not adorable?

I may just have to get her book.


Rob said...

Babe, so proud that you did it, even without (SSS) there to coax you to walk up on stage. I wish I could have been there.

Dionna said...

The purse looks like you - Jen.
And I was bummed that you stood on the far side of the stage singing... I could barely see you on Sat. night!

sara b said...

So sweet of Rob to praise you like that on your blog! Good for you Jen! I'm sure you were great!!

SPARKY said...

she's the bomb (anna marie horner)
i want her book too, even though i don't sew much. maybe if i had it i'd learn to sew better!
rich got our lights done too. nice to have them up. did great sunday!!1 :O)

Alisha Beverly said...

I was bummed I couldn't see you up there singing. I was sitting on the 'youth' side and you were on the complete opposite side and I couldn't see you at all. But I'm sure you did a lovely job!

chrisanna said...

Great job on Sunday even though you were on the "wrong" side so I didn't get to watch you. Way to go overcoming your fears. I'm glad you had fun.