Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

We had a full Halloween night. The kids were in costume by 4:00 so we took pictures with Matt and Jake. Emily is pre Ariel hair. And I'm not sure what was up with her hippy pose. That's all she would do.

Post Ariel hair. I was going to try and actually make it look like Ariel's hair but once we got the colored spray on it was all I could do to get it up like this.

Steph wanted to go to Harrison Blvd. to trick or treat so we decided to do that together and then go to trunk or treat at church. **Can I just say that this was the most beautiful Halloween night I have ever experienced. It was so warm that the kids didn't have to wear coats all night.** I love Harrison Blvd. Every time we go skiing we drive down this road and I covet each house and think how great it would be to live there. Enormous old houses with so much history and life. And they are all beautiful. This one is my favorite. This one would be mine if
a-it were for sale
b-we had several million dollars just sitting around
c-one of us were born into the family and it was passed down to us just as it had been for generation.

Since none of those are true I will just have to keep dreaming that Emily was walking home after a long night of trick or treating and not just going up for seven seconds to acquire more sugar. I was also very disappointed that they were on the front porch handing out candy. I was hoping to get at least a glimpse of the inside when we rang the bell.

This turned out to be a really great idea. Next year we will be there at 5:00 though. We got there about 5:45 and it wasn't too bad. By the time we left at 7:15 there were more people than I could count. So bad that the kids had to stand in line to get candy. And it's hard to keep track of your kids when there are that many people and it's dark.

After we got our fill of door to door we made our way to church. Emily has had a cold for the last week and wasn't feeling very good by that time so she hung out with my parents at their booth while we walked around with Taylor. The really great thing about having family running a booth is they just throw candy in our bags and we don't have to spend the entire night getting it one piece at a time. Emily had her pumpkin almost full and she sat in one spot all night. And my fabulous mother in law knows how to hook me up. She saves the good candy and drops it by the hand full as I walk by. Love that.

Last night we went to the McKay's for dinner. It is hard to believe that we have been neighbors for six years, our kids play together every day and we have never gotten together. Sad. We had a great time and will be doing it more often for sure.

Emily and I stayed home from church today. She was up till almost midnight because she was coughing and her throat hurt. The boys were gone so Rob and I watched the replay of the BSU game and she laid in bed with us till she fell asleep. It took longer than I thought because the child would not shut up. She was actually watching the game and commenting on it. She finally snuggled up and was out in no time. I love sleeping babies. She looked so peaceful and I just wanted to snuggle up to her and let her sleep there all night. Then I remembered how much I hate having my kids sleep with me so Rob put her in her own bed. It was nice for a while though.

On a totally unrelated subject I am dying to make this sweater.
Can I do it? Probably not. But I am so willing to try on the off chance that it's a success.

I am also fast getting into the Christmas spirit. I was at Fred Meyer yesterday and they were putting out Christmas stuff and I was actually excited about it. It made me want to come home and crank up the Now That's What I Call Christmas CD. Of course we don't have many choices. We only own two Christmas CDs. Our other is Boyz II Men Christmas Interpretations. It's my next favorite :o

It's now noon so I better shower so I can make baked beans for another birthday celebration tonight. Happy Sunday!


Dionna said...

I agree with you about it being the nicest Halloween ever. I usually hate Halloween but if it was always that nice out - it might grow on me a little!

Alisha Beverly said...

I loved the kids's outfits. They looked great!

jen k said...

Looks like fun! The weather was amazing here too. The warmest it's been in years!!

andrea said...

Wasn't the weather so nice?! The kids looked great!!

Meg said...

they look cute. so austin's too old to dress up? what's the deal? i took him trick or treating when i was 13 and he was only 3. good way to get some much needed candy! ;)

Matt said...

Jen, I see you and Rob dressed up as mom and dad again, oh so very clever.