Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day number 2

Rob had to go to New Hampshire this week for work so I am on day number two of single parenting. The first day went very well. I almost didn't even have to yell at them all day. Pretty good for around here. Rob was so cute yesterday. We both love the East Coast and would love to spend a lot of time exploring it. He called and said there were so many places he would like to stop and look at but it just wasn't the same without me there. Awww. I would like to say he has it pretty rough this week. He didn't have anything to do yesterday so he went to the Nike outlet. Today he has meetings and then tomorrow he gets to go to a Red Socks game. He's so lucky.

My aunt, Emily and I went for a walk in Hulls Gulch yesterday. My aunt and I have decided that we would like to run in the Women's Fitness Celebration his year. I made that commitment last year and then my heart started acting up so it went out the window. This year I plan to do it. It was so nice to get out in the foothills and be in the fresh air. Since Emily was with us we had to take it kind of slow but next time it's just going to be the aunt and me. I hope she's ready.

Well it is now 9:52 and considering I started this post at 9:57 this morning I am going to call it good and sign off. Good night.

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So Blessed said...

Hey Jen - fun stuff! I just hate it when the guy has (gets) to travel. But I appreciate him even more when he comes back home! Wow, running the Fitness Celebration, huh? You go girl! :)K