Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little happier

After that sad, lame, horribly depressing post yesterday I thought it would be appropriate to write something a little more upbeat today.

**I thought I heard the boys up early this morning so I got up to see what they were doing. At 7:40 both were dressed, were eating cereal and making their own lunches. Both of them were ready to walk out the door at 7:55. They don't have to leave till 8:25 so they had a whole half hour to watch cartoons. And it was a peaceful morning. No rushing to get them out the door. Loved that.

(did you notice I'm using stars today instead of dashes? see? happy.)

**I was wanting to paint the downstairs bathroom while Rob was gone this week but I can't decide on a color. I guess I have the color I want just not the shade. I want it green and was thinking about one of these but don't know if it will be too dark.

I don't know if I should go lighter or not. I am leaning toward the bottom square "mossy green". Any suggestions?

**My nose is no longer dripping. Now it's stuffed and I can't breathe. But the happy part is there are no more drips.

**Taylor got a banana cream pie blizzard yesterday and it was amazing.

**I am going to start pricing my stuff for our yard sale. I have no idea how we accumulate so much stuff in a year. We also have a lot of big stuff that I will be thrilled to have out of the garage.

OK. That's about all I can come up with for now. My head is getting foggy. If you are in the mood for some giveaways go to bloggy giveaways and enter your heart out.


Kelly said...

I didn't read yesterday's post until now and even though I'm glad you're feeling a little more upbeat today I'll be praying for you and your family.
I like the green. The boys room will be a similar green in the new house. Make sure you take before and after shots. :)

Dionna said...

I have been entering my heart out in the bloggy giveaways. I better win something - last time I shared the info and my friend (who happens to own this blog) won several! No fair. :):)
We just painted Kayla's room green. But used Behr paint - those look different.

andrea said...

Glad you are feeling better. I love all of those greens for your bathroom. I am not good at anything to do with painting so no further "advice" from me :)

Thanks for the heads up on the blog giveaways. Looks like I will be spending some time blogging tonight when the kids go to bed :)

jen k said...

I love the green's! So pretty! Glad to hear your better. Have a great week!