Saturday, April 5, 2008


Last night Rob and I had a wedding to go to for a guy he works with. It was a Treasure Valley Baptist which is an extremely conservative church and it was...uhhh...interesting. Before the bride even came out there was a salvation message and the groom and two groomsmen sang all five verses of "how great a foundation" in three part harmony. Fantastic. And can I tell you that it is hard to take a guy seriously that is wearing an all white tux with tails, a black vest and a black top hat. When he first came out Rob and I almost lost it. Even though it wasn't an event I would like to sit through again it wasn't that bad. I guess.

After the wedding we went to my parents to eat and pick up the kids. We were all sitting around the tale when my aunt pulled out a box of pictures that my grandpa had given her on her last visit there. We sat for a looong time passing pictures around the table and laughing so hard at our past selves. Why is it that no mater how great you think you look at the time you never look that great looking back 20 years later. We did find some pictures of my brother and I when we were young, maybe 2 and 5, that I had never seen before that were adorable. I will have to post them when I get them scanned. We also found some pictures of my grandpa from the late teens...1919 to early 1920s. It hard to believe they have lasted that long and are still in good condition. I love having them though. What stories they tell.

Today Taylor had his first soccer game and scored two of the four goals they made. I think he is growing up. Usually he would be bragging about them but today he didn't say much, even when I asked him about them. We were so proud of him. I am looking forward to the games that are in May because I about froze my tooshy off. The sacrifices you make for your kids. I had to stop at Winco after the game and while Tay and I went in Rob ran to Starbucks and grabbed us a coffee. How sweet. Just what I needed to help take the chill off. We came home and I got on the computer to order pictures for our court date. The paint company sent us a letter saying they wanted to bring various professionals out to look at our house so they could write up their reports before our court date. I decided I needed to get in gear and make sure I have everything we need for our case. I went online and found multiple articles documenting that if the house is washed, as it should be before it's painted, and doesn't have enough time to dry then the moisture will come out of the wood and make the paint bubble, just like ours did. I said before that I feel good about the case but it is still nerve wracking to think about and have to wait for.

Rob and Taylor are fishing so I am going to make use of my time and scrap...or watch a movie :o)


Dionna said...

Maybe you should have another paint company come out and write something up to that effect? Will be praying for you on that issue.

Kelly said...

Bad weddings are so hard to sit through. You know they're going to look back at it and think - "A top hat? Really?"