Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just stuff **Edited

**The paint company filed a motion yesterday to get a continuance of 30 days so we won't be going until at least the end of May. So. Lame.

I am painting the bathroom. I picked a totally different green from the ones I showed a few days ago. Much lighter. And brighter. Not sure if I love it or hate it. Still working on it. I only have the cutting in done. Will post pictures soon and you can all be honest.

Em has her third and final orientation today. They go into the classroom and get to do some of the things they will in kindergarten. A practice run I guess.

My mom, aunt and I went on a shopping binge yesterday. I only had to return something at Ross but then we started looking and it turned into an hour and a half stint. I also wanted to go to TJ Maxx. We got in there and did another two hours. I got some things to decorate the bathroom that I may or may not like once it's done. I guess I can always take stuff back if it doesn't work.

Rob will be in Malaysia from May 15Th to May 24Th. I'm not too happy that he is leaving again but he said we are that much closer to a big trip. He said I won't be complaining when we are sitting on a beach in Hawaii. I told him that wasn't enough anymore. Can you say Italy?


Alisha Beverly said...

Man! I don't know how you do it with Rob gone all the time! Kudos to you!

jen k said...

That is so hard being a single mom!! But Hawaii sounds prett dang nice to me. :)

andrea said...

When are you going to Hawaii?

I can't wait to see the finished bathroom!!

Matt said...

The law never works like you want it to, it seems like it is always a wait and see game.

So Blessed said...

Lookin forward to seeing that bathroom. I've had my heart set on Italy for a while now myself. Just makes me smile thinkin' about going there some day. (Among many other things) I want to smash some grapes with my feet! :)K

SPARKY said...

i like the green. way to be bold. give it at least a month till you decide whether you want to keep it or not. it just might grow on you!