Friday, April 18, 2008

Two babies in two days

And not one bit of baby fever for me. Two friends of ours had babies, one of Wednesday and one on Thursday. Rob and I went to the hospital last night to see both of them and even though I got to hold those delicious bundles of pink goodness for close to an hour each I didn't want to take them home. This is a first for me. As soon as I see a baby I usually want one. Not this time. I love the freedom of my baby being five.

Emily had kindergarten registration today. She was excited and called it "big school" cause she couldn't remember 'kindergarten'. She passed the check list with flying colors. The only bad thing we found out is that she is going to be in the a.m. class. I was really hoping for p.m. so it wouldn't be such a chore getting all three kids ready at once. I guess it's time I pull up my big girl panties and deal huh? I guess that's what moms were created to do. Get all the kids ready and off to school without complaining. I will work on that.

My aunt and I went back to Hulls Gulch yesterday for a hike. We ended up walking almost 4.5 miles round trip. It felt good. I also ran on Wednesday morning. A whole mile. It's tough let me tell you. Running takes more out of me than I thought it would. And I'm sore. I can understand my legs but why are my back and shoulders sore? I don't run like Phoebe.


Alisha Beverly said...

Lots of babies! Actually three babies in three days if you count Jessica's! Pretty crazy! And yes, I totally have the baby fever!

I love that episode of FRIENDS when Pheobe is running like a maniac. We actually got to see where they filmed that when we took a tour of WB. Pretty cool!

Kelly said...

I just laughed out loud about the Pheobe thing! That's a great episode.
I'm with you on the p.m. kindergarten thing. We had to get uo and out the door early today because of the kindergarten field trip and I didn't like it. Thankfully we'll be closer to the school by the time they start first grade.