Monday, April 28, 2008

Two days of fun

Our two day weekend was packed to the brim with activity. Saturday morning Taylor had a soccer game at 10. After they won and we got home Rob mowed the lawn and I started raising our lawn border. When we did them several years ago we put them in too low and our rocks are always in the grass. I tried taking a shovel and pulling it up and it worked so I decided to do the whole yard. Rob adjusted sprinklers and I weeded our borders. We also made a trip to Home Depot to pick up some sprinkler parts, furnace filters etc to finish our work day. I wouldn't let Rob buy his normal weed and feed, because it isn't good for our kids, pets or the environment, so we went to Zamzows to pick up some kid, pet and earth friendly fertilizer. Zamzows is right next to the Meridian Speedway. Emily and Taylor had been asking us all day if we could go but we kept telling them no. Rob appeased Emily and we went and watched them practice through the fence for a few minutes. We went home and started working again when our neighbor came over and asked if the boys wanted to go riding. There is a house just on the other side of a field behind our house that started to build a dirt bike track and never finished it. We have heard people over there before but not recently. Jerry decided to go ask him if the boys could ride and he agreed. We got them ready and went across the street to watch them for a couple of hours. There are jumps and hills that they got to ride on and Austin even wiped out on one of the series of jumps they have. First of all he was going the wrong way and second he was going too fast for not having done them before. He made it over two and on the third he went one way and his bike went another. He got up and was stoked about his crash. His friends thought he was the coolest thing too. After they were done riding we got home and there was a call from the Harrington's saying they had extra tickets to the Speedway if we wanted to come. Are you kidding?! Do you know how many times the kids had asked us today? Of course we will be there! We hurried and got all of stuff together and went down there. To our surprise Bob and Joan and Tyler and Jodi were there too. The harrington roup ended up leaving early. We, however, stayed until 10:30 when the whole thing was done. It was cold but the kids loved it. Thanks for the invite H's!! We had a ball. That was our Saturday.

Sunday we took the kids to the OMC race track. It's a bike club you have to pay to be a member of and they only have public days once a year so we loaded up the bikes and went with the Key's. There is a small track for kids up to about 12 years old that the boys rode on all day but there is also the big track that they had a chance to go on. It was nuts. Austin is the only one of the kids that ended up going. It was supposed to be a beginner time but it looked like all of the kids in there raced for a living. We were sitting on some bleachers about halfway around the track, right on a 30 foot jump. Most of those kids were clearing that jump. Austin went around a couple of times and then we didn't see him again. He finally came walking up to us and we could tell he was upset. Later on he said that he went over a jump and hit his forehead on his handle bars. Even with his helmet he said it hurt. Poor guy. Rob went on the track too. He said it scared the crap out of him. If I thought the boys were jumping high the men were even worse. Or better. It was awesome to watch but intimidating for someone who only rides trails and has never set foot on a track. Both agreed that they would take a trail ride any day. When we got home and cleaned up we went to home teams. We had a great time as we always do. Stayed there talking till after 9. It was a great weekend.

Only three more days until we go to court. Keep praying. Only 39 days until we leave for the Philippines. YIKES!


jen k said...

Wow, that does sound like a busy weekend!! But fun too. I'll be praying for your court date. Pretty soon it will all be over!

Kimberly said...

I can see how having older kids keeps you busy! We're going to be in trouble here in a few years. :)

SPARKY said...

oh yeah. i know those racin days. my favorite is when they race the trailers. i laugh so hard. i'm surprised tay likes them so much since he always plugs his ears the entire time :O)

Kelly said...

Wow you guys packed a lot into 2 days!