Friday, April 18, 2008

Why it's good for me

I am one of those people. Are you? You know, the ones that would rather eat an orange Starburst than a piece of the fruit. One of those that reaches for any form of processed food before reaching for fruits or vegetables. My taste buds are more interested in french fries and cheez-its. That's why I drink Jus.

23 fruits, berries and herbs. Need I say more? Before I started taking this product I wouldn't have gotten 23 different fruits, berries and/or herbs into my system in a whole year let alone daily. But they're in there. Peel and all. Pureed to get the fullest benefit from the fruit. Aronia berries, mangosteen, white tea, and lycium berries plus 19 more. Haven't heard of some of them? I hadn't either. Where do you get a wild bilberry? Or an acerola? I had no clue until a few months ago but I do now. They are all in Jus.

Sure there are tremendous business opportunities that are associated with this product and after reading this if you become interested feel free to contact me and we can talk. Rob and I became independent business owners even before the product started shipping because we believed in it. However, it's more about health. The health of me, my kids, my family and friends. Unless you are living on an organic farm eating only what the good earth gives you most of us aren't getting the nutrition that we need. One ounce a day will change all that.

As of right now this product is the best antioxidant product in the world. In the world. It is more than four times better than its closest competitor. Did you hear me? Four times better. Why am I telling you this? When I go to a good movie I blog about it. When I find a great restaurant I blog about it. So why not this. Why not tell you about a product that can change your health and a company that could change you life. Come visit us. Watch the video. Take a look around. Then, let me know if you want to be a part of it.


Angela said...

I have heard of those before. I should really try it out, because I am one of those orange Starburst people too. :)

SPARKY said...

good for you. hope this drums up some interest. i thought about blogging about our event this weekend. quite and amazing deal eh?

MJ said...

Ya, he watched the entire 4 hours and last night we watched the first half of the second movie last night. I was folding clothes on the couch and I put in the second half of the second movie and he was disappointed cause he didn't want to miss it. He's so sweet. He usually watches my chick flicks and has a good attitude but he still loves his guy movies!

sam said...

i'm off to check out your video! :)

Kelly said...

How does it taste? Can you actually enjoy drinking it or does it taste "healthy"? Maybe I should watch the video, eh?