Friday, April 4, 2008

No School?

I do believe they just got done having five whole days off from school and they got another one today. What a life they lead. While I planned to sleep in as late as I could my eyes popped open at 7:33 and they would not close again. Ugh!

My mom called last night and asked if we wanted to go to Municipal park today for a picnic and then stroll through the nature center. Even though it was chilly today we went anyway. It was a little dreary inside the center because nothing has bloomed yet, except for the one crocus. Though there wasn't much foliage to look at there was still plenty to do.

#1-Pictures of course.

#2-Pretending like this stuffed bear is attacking you.

#3-Looking at fish.

#4-Jumping. Jump off of anything that is standing still just because you can.

It was a fun day and I definitely recommend going there...just wait till something blooms.

1 comment:

SPARKY said...

one crocus? why is that so funny to me. i'm holding back giggles.
it must be the JUS getting you up. really! i've had people tell me since they've taken it, they get better rest then wake up after 8 hours or so, and cannot continue to sleep. weird huh?