Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Emily lost another tooth on the way to church last night so she is now officially toothless in front.

I read on Kelly's blog that Albertsons was having a great sale on cereal. I went by there and made a fool of myself buying cereal, fruit snacks, granola bars and chex mix but $1 a box it's worth looking foolish. I was so excited about it being cheap that after Emily's dance class I went to another Albertsons and bought 20 more boxes. To give you an idea of the savings my original total was a little over $76. When she did my preferred card my total came to $21.20. I love when the total comes down instead of going up. Makes me happy.

I have a couple Emily funnies I want to jot down.

**We went to run the dogs the other night and Rob told her she could wear flip flops. When we got there it was thorny and dirty and I asked him why he told her she could wear those shoes. She says "Mom, he's a dad...he doesn't know".

**Emily-Mom did you know bark can hurt you. Not Bark like Raquel's dad but bark at the park.
Me-Raquel's dad's name is Bart.
Emily-It is? How do you spell it?


Alisha Beverly said...

I love when you blog what your kids say. It makes me laugh! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

What a funny girl! That first one made me laugh out loud.
I'm glad you got in on the Albertson's deal. I'm going back for more soon. :)

Dionna said...

I bet Rob loved it when she said that. Ha Ha

Matt said...

That is really funny, sure do miss being around you guys.

BubblesJennings said...

Hey, the doc didn't say anything. My test will take 24-48 hrs and then I'll know something. Hopefully they can tell me over the phone cause Monday we are headed to Missouri.
Hey, did Rob get his card yet? I want to make sure it made it there.

chris said...

The toothless Emily. I can't believe she's missing all 4 front teeth. Too cute! What an awesome deal at Albertson's. I seriously need to head over there. I love your stories. So funny!

jen k said...

I bought that cereal at albertson's too. It's even a better deal if you print off smart source coupons for $1 off two boxes. Of course, some alberstons don't take online coupons but mine does!! :) I can't believe Emily has lost another tooth!! What a cutie.

Angela said...

Emily is too funny! That is awesome that you were able to save that much @ Albertsons! I am excited for you!

SPARKY said...

i love your daughter!!! and i'm so all about the alberstons sale. i'm going back to spend (and save) a load tomorrow.