Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I went to a new dentist yesterday. Loved him and the office and everything about it. Except for the pain I am in now. I used to go to Willowtree dental. DO NOT GO THERE. Every time I went there I saw a different dentist so there's no Dr. patient relationship, last time I went they were not friendly, and the last dentist I saw looked in my mouth at the teeth I told her were hurting and said "they look fine to me" and walked off. Excuse me?! What part of they hurt don't you get. Yesterday I went to Stone Creek Dental. DO GO THERE. They made me feel like I was the only person there. And no I wasn't the only person there. The dentist actually talked to me and spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why my tooth was hurting. That was on top of the regular exam. He figured that Willowtree did a bad job on my last filling and it hadn't bonded with my tooth so it needed to be drilled out and refilled. He even had time (gasp) to do it right then. We also talked about my wisdom teeth coming out. Yes I still have my wisdom teeth. Yes it's because I'm a chicken. The Dr. made me feel very comfortable about having them out and said he could do it in the office with no problems. This is the dentist I have been looking for.

Rob leaves tomorrow. It seems like this month is flying by. I keep saying there is so much to do but seriously...there is so much to do. I was thinking about all the stuff I need to get for our trip. Everything from a new camera to contact solution. I need to start a list because I just know I am going to forget something and be up a creek.

Emily has been wanting her hair cut so I asked her when she wanted it done. She said today at 2:00. I called Monkey Dooz and guess what. They have an appointment today at 2:00. Weird. Guess that means I better get ready.


Dionna said...

I know what you mean about having so much to do before your trip! I'm in the same boat before our big summer excursion.
I mentioned you to Randi yesterday - she asked how you've been.

Andrea said...

Oh fun, Emily is getting her hair cut right now! Can't wait to see the new do. Maddy will not let me cut hers again. SHe liked it when we chopped it last year but now tell me she wants to see how long she can grow it.

I really need to go to the dentist. bad. You may have inspired me to at least call and make an appointment. :)

jen k said...

Oh, I hate the dentist office. I also need to have my wisdom teeth out but I am a big chicken too!! They said I had to be referred to the oral surgeon and that scared me away!! Have fun at Monkey Dooz.