Tuesday, May 20, 2008


*Think I take too many pictures?

*I'm getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow. I don't usually go every 6 weeks but I wanted a new color before we leave for our trip.

*I watched the Harrington clan today while Chrisanna is out of town. They wore themselves out playing at the park, riding scooters, jumping on the trampoline and playing in the sand all day. There was a huge rainstorm this afternoon and as soon as I opened the door to take a look at it they all ran out to play.

*Emily's class did a Mexican hat dance today. I couldn't get my camera settings just right so they are blurry. Go figure. And people were usually in the way. But I love her expressions in them.

* I LoVe Em's hair short. So does she.

*If you haven't tried chocolate chex you are missing out.

*Four days till Rob gets home. Three if he can get through customs fast enough and get the last flight out of L.A.

* I have always been a David Archuleta fan. Some have tried to sway me but after hearing him during the finals tonight I hope he wins. My favorites from the whole season were Imagine, Just another day in paradise and Heaven. Watch the backup singer wipe her eyes during Heaven. It's fabulous.

*I'm in the process of getting passports for the kids. We are heading to Acapulco next spring break and I figure if I do them one at a time it won't hurt the pocket book as much.

* I think they are doing the stimulus checks alphabetically. And our last name starts with an S. Great. We should have ours by the fall.


Dionna said...

My girls ran out into the storm yesterday too. I love warm weather storms.
David A. definitely had a better night last night than David C. We'll see...!

andrea said...

Emily's hair is SO cute! Makes me want to chop Maddy's off but I know she won't let me. Looks like you had fun with the Harrington's, rain, water...

Oh and if you go here http://www.irs.gov/irs/article/0,,id=180250,00.html you can find out when you will get your stimulus check. They are doing it by your SS# :0)

andrea said...

It looks like it cut off the last part of that website. Here is the rest of it.


Alisha Beverly said...

I really like Emily's hair short too. She just looks so cute!

Kimberly said...

Also wanted to say I love Emily's cut. It's a keeper!

jen k said...

Emily's hair is so adorable short. I love it!! The kids look adorable playing in the rain. What crazy weather!!

chris said...

Thank you so much for watching the kids on Tuesday. It was a huge blessing to Keith and I. That is just one of the things I appreciate about you, you always help out when needed. You're a great friend! And I love the pictures in the rainstorm. Oh, to be a kid again. Those pictures make me want to go out and play in the rain. Em's hair is so stinkin cute. Love it. And I must say, woo hoo! I'm so happy that David Cook won. I have been a fan of his since day one. Sorry Jen, but he was my favorite.

Angela said...

Love emily's short hair! I know everyone else is saying the same thing, but I have to say it to...it's just SO cute! :)