Friday, May 16, 2008

a rarity

Yes, you are seeing right, those are three empty laundry baskets. It only lasted for a couple of hours but for those couple of hours life was good.

Rob is winging his way to Malaysia as we speak. 9 days and counting.

We had the first of our two day yard sale today. I am so blessed to have my mom and aunt here to help me. They both showed up early this morning to help me set up and are coming earlier tomorrow. My dad even stopped by and brought us lunch then while I took Emily to dance they closed up shop and put it all away for me. Thank you guys for all of your help!!! I couldn't do it without you.

Taylor's last soccer game is tomorrow. Hurray!

Emily just came in with a $5 card we won in a fruit by the foot box. Must be our lucky day.


jen k said...

That feels so nice to have the laundry done...even if it doesn't last! :) Good for you!

fab5 said...

rarity- that would be a miracle in my house! you rock!

So Blessed said...

LOVE that! I'm happy with one empty basket :)K