Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drum roll please

Here's the new do. She loves it. The pink kind of threw a wrench in my plans for pictures but there's always tomorrow.
On a side note-We were on our way to monkey dooz and I suddenly remembered that I hadn't put on any makeup. Not one fleck of powder. Not one brush of mascara. I made a comment that included 'crap' in it and she said "it's ok mom, you're still pretty." Melted my heart.


jen k said...

Her hair cut is adorable! My daughter would love to have that pink in her hair. You're a nice mommy!! :)

andrea said...

Cute!! They did the same thing with Maddy's (but purple) when she got hers done. She thought it was so cool.

chris said...

Guess who is now asking to dye her hair after seeing Em last night? Love her new do. So cute!