Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend **Edited**


-Rob got home! He came in at 11 a.m. so we had the whole day.

-We worked around the yard and the house.

-Rob took the kids on a couple errands with him so I got to sit on my swing and read for two hours. Pure heaven.

-Austin spent the night with Taylor

-The kids built forts out back.

-I took a few pictures.

-Dinner at McDonald's. Rob was having serious cravings.


-Awesome service at church. Doug spoke on God's grace being enough for us. When things don't go our way and we don't understand why things do or don't happen He is enough for us. One thing that stuck out was "Disappointment with God is better than disappointment without God."

I did a less than stellar job of remembering the great quote. After reading it again I thought I should put the real one up.

"The only thing worse that disappointment with God is disappoinment without God." -Phillip Yancey

-We finished our series by Voice of the Martyrs. Underground Reality:Vietnam. I think it was the best series we have ever done in the high school class. VOM picked 8 students to go to Vietnam to see the underground church there. It is unbelievable the things that Christians have to endure throughout the world. We take so much for granted. We think persecution is a celebrity saying something bad about Christians or someone teasing you about going to church. They endure beatings, being thrown in jail for months and years at a time and harassment almost daily by the police and government officials and each of them chooses God anyway. It was eye opening.

-Drama practice. We need all we can get, I'm afraid.

-Kiki came over to play.

-We set up our pool.

-Celebrated Rob's birthday.

-Hung out with the Smith side of the family and had some girl time with Steph and Terry.


-Fishing at Herrick reservoir.


chris said...

A fabulous weekend for all! Thanks for having Kiki over to play on Sunday. She had a blast. Ahh, sitting on the swing reading a book for two hours does sound heavenly. You needed some alone time after your long week and a half. Glad you have your hubby back. Have a super day!

andrea said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I am sure you are loving having Rob home. Great pics!!

Dionna said...

Looks like a real pretty spot.
I used to get the VOM mag in the mail but not anymore. The pictures and stories are heartwrenching and really put our lives in perspective.

jen k said...

Glad your hubby made it home safe and sound. Your alone time on the swing sounds heavenly! Good for you!

sam said...

Great weekend recap! What book are you reading? :)